Hoffmann Architectural Inc. is a full-service architecture firm lead by architect Barry Hoffmann.  Barry has been a licensed architect since 1994.  Barry spent the early part of his career with Newton Hailey in Fayetteville, Arkansas working on detention center projects, schools, county facilities, and more.  In 1997, he took a job with renowned interior designer Georg Andersen in Conway, Arkansas.  This opportunity gave Barry the chance to work on numerous extravagant projects in Manhattan, New York; Greenwich, Connecticut; Scarsdale, New York, and more.

Hoffmann Architectural is blessed to have a well-rounded portfolio including commercial, governmental, healthcare, education, hospitality, mixed-use, and transportation facilities.  Years of experience are poured into each project, whether it is a simple renovation or a multi-million dollar facility.

Hoffmann Architectural believes whole-heartedly in providing clients with exceptional design, thorough attention to detail, and quality service in all stages of the project. Let us help you achieve your design goals.

Principle architect, Barry Hoffmann, is heavily invested in each project produced by Hoffmann Architectural. Hoffmann vowed at the firm’s inception that nothing would leave the office without his involvement.  Barry offers over a quarter of a century of experience, taking every phone call, attending every meeting, as well as overseeing each jobsite actively from beginning to end of each project. 

Hoffmann Architectural considers all employees, current and past, family. The love of Barry’s life, Lisa, oversees both interior design and accounting within the firm.

Through the years, Hoffmann Architectural has fluctuated in staff size, based on workload; however, ALL project drawings and documents are produced by personnel with extensive architectural experience.